Good Things Come in Threes

We were looking at our recent schedule and it would seem that good things come in threes. Including this week’s October 25 performance at Columbus Courts, our last two performances have also been on the 25th of  a month.

Our next show is on the third of November. A strange coincidence?

We’ve had a great time at the 25ths. We enjoyed playing two fun sets at Happy Mike’s Concert in the Cemetery Series on July 25th. A month later we had the privilege of playing at a wedding. We had so much fun sitting under the stars with the newlyweds singing songs until three in the morning. This month we get to sit down the with the good folks at Columbus Courts to share a meal and then make a bit of music for them. This will be our fourth outing to Columbus Courts and we always have a fine time and enjoy the company there.

Shortly after we wrap up our three 25ths we play at Morva and Alan’s House Concert venue. Concerts at their welcoming home are always a great deal of fun and we love this crowd because they know that we love it when they join in with the music.

It turns out, really, that good things come in any number we want. We are really grateful to have been given the gift of music and we look forward to sharing it with you.

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