Plain Salt
Prairie Celtic Folk Roots


About Us

Plain Salt’s name evokes images of the wide open prairie and the rolling sea. The group membership has evolved over nearly two decades to its present configuration of four members who are diverse in origins but share roots in their affinity for Celtic and folk music.

Often billed as “Prairie Celtic Roots Rock”, their sometimes spirited, sometimes soulful, and always entertaining music originates from a wide range of sources in and around the United Kingdom to offer a truly ‘pan-Celtic’ experience.

Engaging and down to earth, they’re sure to ground your feet and lift your spirits, and they love it when you dance and sing along.


This fine gang of musicians effortlessly capture the spirit of prairie life, all the while maintaining an east coast flair!  Their Celtic influence covers all the bases & checks all the boxes as they shift between singers and genres, each player supporting the other as they carry us along on a fabulous journey.  They have a playful style that is contagious and will have you tapping toes and singing along!

Gordies Coffee House

Plain Salt is one of those bands that make you want to get up and dance even if you don‘t dance or at least tap your feet. Their lively stage show sets the mood for their traditional Celtic sound. Always a real crowd pleaser.

Happy Mike’s

Uisge Beatha

Penderyn Celt

Finished in Islay casks, Penderyn Celt is a mildly peated Welsh Whisky. Smooth and with a delicate smoky flavour. A very enjoyable tipple available only for a short time in Winnipeg liquor stores.

Pairs nicely with Ty Bach Twt

Auchentoshan 12 Year

Sweet and smooth and although the name is a bit of a mouthful, sip this one slowly to savour the caramel flavours that flow through this lowland Scotch.

A lively tipple to enjoy with I’ll Tell My Ma